Christopher L. Meszaros, a State Certified General Appraiser and Licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of Pennsylvania can assist you with the following services:

  • Valuation and Appraisal Services---What is your real estate worth?
  • Highest & Best Use Consultation-  Have a home with a larger lot or a farm- Think is can be subdivided and what type of new home can be built on the site?  Own a commercial or industrial building- Can it be used for an alternative use which will generate a greater return.
  • Considering a Home Improvement or Major Addition-  Many home remodeling and real estate sites provide Cost-Value Recoup estimates.   Are these estimates reasonable?  Does the addition or improvement make sense from a layout & functional perspective, are the improvements to personal, fit the neighborhood and market area?
  • Real Estate Expert Testimony-  I have testified in numerous matters and circumstances.  Municipal-Zoning hearing matters; Court of Common Pleas-Divorce, Property Dispute, Construction Claims; Neighborhood Opposition- Zoning or Land Use Change
  • Real Estate Tax Assessment Appeal- Are you OVER PAYING on your ANNUAL real estate taxes?   Your real estate Tax Assessment can change each year under 3 scenarios:

 1.  An Entire County wide re-assessment

 2.  A permit is pulled for a property improvement that is completed

 3.  Each year property owners and some Taxing Authorities (The School       District) have the right to appeal your real estate tax assessment to the County Board of Assessment.   The amount of total real estate tax YOU pay is based upon the Market Value of your home MULTIPLIED by a Common Level or STEB (State Tax Equalization Board) rate which changes each year and is different for each county.  There are numerous misconceptions:

    • The AMOUNT of real estate taxes you are paying in relationship to a neighbor has no bearing.  The ASSESSMENT is comparison to your neighbor has no bearing.
    • Often agents at  new construction communities under estimate annual real estate tax for the new homes they are selling
    • You just purchased a home, next thing you know, an appeal is filed and your real estate taxes may be going up.  Typically on older homes or unique properties,  the property is SIGNIFICANTLY under assessed at your time of purchase…. Real Estate Taxes can be  increased.  Just like a property owner in each county, a taxing authority (School District) can file an appeal against a property owner each year. 
  • Residential & Commercial Leasing
  • Real Estate Brokerage- From the everyday home townhome in the City of Philadelphia or suburbs; to the Mansion in Chester County; to the family whose 401K is the land they’ve farmed and worked for years, passed down from generations with the hope of getting the highest return with the least amount of risk in the shortest period of time; to an historic industrial building that has been reborn into loft residential units utilizing an adaptive reuse zoning allowance,  I have either represented a client in the SALE or PURCHASE of a variety of property type.